Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Comeback Player

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Honorable Mention: Kevin Pillar

The strides made by Kevin Pillar this season haven’t gone unnoticed by the Jays Journal staff, as evidenced by J.J. YEAs for Most Improved Player as well as Best Hustle. However, that probably disqualified him from Comeback Player in the eyes of most of the voters. Pillar is a player who is still on the rise, and it will be interesting to see if he can improve on his bat to the point to become a 20/20 threat.

Given recent rumors of discussion between the Blue Jays and Cleveland, it’s possible that Pillar continues to grow by the shores of Lake Erie if the front office brass believes more in the ceiling of Dalton Pompey than the floor Pillar stands on now. If he does leave to acquire pitching help, Pillar has left an impressive highlight reel behind.

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