Blue Jays vs A.L. East: Positional Rankings As of 15 Nov

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I’m very tentative about placing Kimbrel ahead of Miller and others who are A.L. tested but his stuff is so good that you have to expect for him to be as effective as usual. All five teams have outstanding options at closer and there’s really no shame in being 5th amongst this group. One thing’s certain when you face A.L. East teams, you better have the lead heading into the 9th inning because if you don’t, you’re unlikely to tie it up or make a comeback.

Side Note: There’s a decent chance that the Jays look to bring Osuna back to the rotation because of his repertoire and easy delivery. If that’s to happen, look for them to add a very significant closer before the season begins, someone like Aroldis Chapman or Mark Melancon.

Ranking: 1. Kimbrel, 2. Miller, 3. Osuna, 4. Britton, 5. Boxberger

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