Blue Jays vs A.L. East: Positional Rankings As of 15 Nov

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Betances continues to lead this group but is now joined by Uehara who dealt with injuries for much of 2015. The acquisition of Kimbrel really shortened the games for the Red Sox and gives them as dominant a duo as the Yankees enjoyed in 2015 with Miller and Betances. The Jays, meanwhile, had youth in that role and now face some uncertainty there and in the rotation. Matusz took a long time to get established in MLB but now looks very comfortable in the pen. If always healthy, there’s no doubt McGee could close on most teams, he just hasn’t been able to put many healthy seasons together to prove himself.

Side Note: Injuries derailed the end of the season for Cecil but he’s expected to be fully healthy in 2016. However, if the Jays acquire another significant SP, he may cede his setup spot to Aaron Sanchez as he’d likely return to the pen unless he unseats Drew Hutchison in the 5th starter spot. Either way, the Jays are well positioned in the setup role.

Ranking: 1. Betances, 2. Uehara, 3. Cecil, 4. Matusz, 5. McGee

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