Blue Jays team nickname – Let’s Stir the Pot


This team is something special that we have the opportunity to watch almost every night.  The passion surrounding this team is palpable.  The winning spirit is finally alive and well in Toronto with the 2015 Blue Jays.  This spirit has been lying dormant since the glory days that were nicknamed the WAMCO years.  For the new generation of Jays lovers that were not around for the back to back World Series years I will gladly explain in case you do not know your history.

The Toronto Blue Jays were one of the teams to beat in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  The team that carried us to the promised land in ’92 and ’93 had a solid core of players that carried the team on offense.  These mashers were Devon White, Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, Joe Carter, and John Olerud.  Once you take the first initial from each players last name from that potent line up you get the word WAMCO.

This year’s Blue Jays have a similar offensive minded core that will be together with the team into next year.  Assuming certain contract options are picked up that is.  Our modern day clubbers are Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Troy Tulowitzki, and Russell Martin.  I have had trouble coming up with a clever nickname to describe the obscene amount of offense that this lineup generates.  Plus there are not enough vowels in the players name to perform a fun abbreviation like WAMCO.  They are so deserving of a nickname to remember this offensive ridiculousness through the ages of baseball.  I want this mentioned in the history books in the Hall of Fame about this titan of baseball power.

I love that the Blue Jays Twitter posts are labeled #ComeTogether but that is only showing part of the story that is going on with this team.  #ComeTogether for me meant that the Jays fans and the entire country of Canada needed to get behind this team and support them.  That campaign is super strong as I have seen Jays fans everywhere even in my home here in Rochester, NY.  I have been enjoying all the fun watching the Jays Twitter pictures and comments.  The level of thought that has went into some of them is rather fun.  here are a few examples.

Blue Jays fans are coming out of the wood work.  Rex Ryan, who is the coach of the Buffalo Bills, has even joined in on #ComeTogether as he and some of his players have been spotted at Jays and Buffalo Bisons games.  He even threw out the first pitch opening day for the Bisons (as seen below).  I have even read on a few occations now that he was even at the first ever Jays game at Exhibition Stadium.  WHAT!?!?!

All this being said I think fun nicknames are a great form of showing appreciation.  Let’s get this thing going in the comment section and on the @JaysJournal twitter feed.  If you decide to tweet in responses include #ComeTogether and the @JaysJournal account to see if we can get the Jays PR people into the conversation along with the rest of the Jays’ Nest.

Let’s Stir the pot!!!


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