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This week’s episode of the Jays’ Nest podcast brings you some interesting discussion about the Blue Jays’ starting rotation. The club is in the middle of a fight for the American League East division title and they may need to consider moving things around in order to maximize performances. Do they stick with the guys they have? Do they rest guys? How will the addition of a certain diminutive hurler impact this? We took a call from one of our listeners who wanted to know about this very issue. As always, we wrapped up with our weekly awards.

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Buehrle’s outing against the Red Sox will surely fuel the debate over whether he is wearing down as a pitcher. He admitted recently that he is finding it harder to bounce back after a start. He won’t admit that this means more for his career or that it is a concern. From one day to the next he would feel differently. But, the issue of him needing rest is a real one. And, we discussed it.

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In fact, we had a caller join the show who asked about a possible solution. Adam from Nova Scotia asked where Marcus Stroman fits into this conversation. He wondered when and where he slots in upon his return. We looked at whether this addition could allow for more rest for the other guys. Adam mentioned that a 6 man rotation might negatively impact guy slike R.A. dickey who doesn’t necessarily need the rest. Adam also mentioned Marco Estrada as not needing the extra day. One of the points we talked about is that Estrada is approaching a lot of innings this year. David Price is also already near 200 innings after 248 last season.

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Perhaps Stroman will be a huge help in this area.We looked at the fact that you kind of have to add Stroman regardless of what happens with the other starters. Does this addition allow for more rest? Or, does it mean that a guy like Drew Hutchison gets bumped out. Perhaps the next week or so will be more of a competition. We went into  some depth about Stroman. There are lots of decisions to be made in the coming days. John Gibbons will certainly be earning his money.

We talked about John Gibbons and whether he is the right guy to make these type of decisions. It seems that everyone wants to dig into the competency of Gibby. We looked at the fact that maybe this situation is completely different than any other he’s faced in his time as manager. He has far more options to work with. In the past, he’s worked with what he has. Now, he has more pieces to play with. Time will tell if he can manage this team to glory. But, this could very well be the tipping point for his supporters.

From there, we wrapped things up with our weekly awards. There was no clear winner this week. No one had an Edwin Encarnacion type performance. But, we managed to come to a consensus on a couple deserving players. There were certainly other players who could have been recipients.


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