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Man, there’s nothing like your team winning and bulldozing through MLB and then providing you some news the same day you record a podcast. We had lots to talk about this week! Obviously, the news of Mark Shapiro leaving the Cleveland Indians to take over for Paul Beeston as the new president of the Blue Jays was front and center this week. But, we also managed to find other things to discuss. We looked at September call ups and discussed great individual performances in Blue Jays’ history. As well, we had a huge announcement for you. It is going to bring our podcast to the next level.

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To start off with, we looked at what was at the front of everyone’s mind on Monday. The Blue Jays are bringing in Mark Shapiro to be the next club president. In comparison to the debacle that took place when they tried to steal Dan Duquette away from the Orioles, this move came rather quietly. It didn’t really come as a surprise. Our own Jeff thought he’d be the perfect fit. We look at what this move will mean for the everyday fan as well as what it might mean for the future of GM, Alex Anthopoulos.

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From there, we got into the recent performance of Edwin Encarnacion. More specifically, we looked at his single game performance against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday where he hit 3 home runs and drove in 9 runs to match a club high. We compared it to a few personal showings that stand out to us. Ultimately, we decided that the no hitter by Dave Stieb still reigns supreme in Blue Jays land. But, we’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

From there, we discussed the September call ups that are likely to take place. They certainly won’t be exciting or full of young prospects who will be getting a taste of big league life. Instead, they will be bench players who will help provide some rest for the regulars. But, we did talk about some of the guys we think will get snubbed when that phone rings. There very well could be some notable names left in the minor leagues on September 1st. We feel some of them may be getting a raw deal.

After we hand out our weekly awards, we finally share our big announcement. The Jays’ Nest Podcast will be expanding its repertoire by adding call in shows! That’s right. We’ll be setting up a 1-800 phone number that you’ll be able to call and interact with us. You can ask questions directly and end up on our podcast. there are not too many Blue Jays call in shows out there and we look forward to providing one.

Of course, this will follow our usual Jays Journal philosophy of providing respectful, engaging conversation about the Blue Jays. We reserve the right to not air things that do not suit said philosophy. But, if you love the Blue Jays and have a phone, you could very well be a guest on our podcast! We’ll be sharing the number, so stay tuned!


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