Blue Jays Trade Rumors: Ben Revere Acquired from Phillies


Apparently, the Blue Jays are not done yet. As hard as it may be to believe, they may be going after another trade target in the dying hours of the 2015 Non Waiver Trade Deadline. They’ve already added Troy Tulowitzki and David Price. They’ve pillaged the farm to take a shot at glory this year. Some of us were not satisfied with the moves they’ve made, calling for more pitching help. And, the club was thought to be feeling the same. But, there is another rumor out there.

This time, the Blue Jays are targeting outfield help:

Wow. This definitely sounds like an all in situation, if it didn’t already. So, what does Revere bring to the table? According to, Revere is a 27 year old lefty bat out of the outfield. He’s played most of his time in CF and LF. So, it is obvious what the Blue Jays are thinking here. They’re looking at that abyss of defensive prowess that has been left field this year. Revere would be an interesting option. He’s hitting .298/.334/.374, scored 49 runs on that bad Phillies team, with just 1 HR, but 24 stolen bases. Could this be the leadoff hitter the Blue Jays are looking for? 

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What’s more, Revere has two more years of team control left after this season. So, this isn’t a move that just helps them now, but in the future as well. This is important to remember.

Here’s why: When I first saw this rumor, I wondered why they would fork over more prospects (or big league parts) to get Revere, when they have Dalton Pompey in AAA. Pompey has turned his season around after being sent all the way to AA. He’s hitting .275 in Buffalo after hitting .351 in New Hampshire. His bat has come around. His defense is solid. Wouldn’t he be a cheaper option for the Blue Jays?

Well, he would be. But, he is also more of a question mark. Revere is a ‘proven’ commodity at the big league level. He brings speed, some on base ability and a total of 5 DRS out of LF and CF. His UZR/150 is 9.8 in LF and 14.3 in CF this season. That is the kind of defense that has been sorely missed around these parts. A leadoff hitter is needed since the departure of Jose Reyes as well. Revere just might be a great fit. He is not the leadoff guy Reyes was. But, the Blue Jays don’t need him to be. They just need a guy who can get on base and cause havoc. The rest of the lineup is amazing. He just has to get on base and let the next 4-5 hitters do their thing.

The good news about rumors like these, at this time  of the trade deadline period, we won’t need to wait much longer to find out whether there is truth to it. The package the Blue Jays give up will be an interesting one. There are pieces available, but it is not like it once was. Will they be able to offer Ruben Amaro Jr enough for his liking?

UPDATE: We have an apparent answer to that question from ESPN’s Buster Olney. Apparently, the cost is too high for the Blue Jays:

So, there you go. This might be a move that works out, but at this point in the process, the Blue Jays don’t have a lot of that capital to work with anymore. They’ll likely proceed with caution. As they do, we’ll keep you up to date! Stay tuned!


It’s official! Alex Anthopoulos kept the pedal to the floor and has acquired Ben Rever from the Philadelphia Phillies. There’s potential for him to bat leadoff with his great base running talent, but in my opinion, he’d look just fine towards the bottom of the order, turning the lineup over with a threat to steal.

Revere will step in as the regular left-fielder in all likelihood, removing the defensive carousel of Ezequiel Carrera, Danny Valencia and Chris Colabello. Don’t be surprised to see Carrera as the odd man out, and receiving a ticket to Buffalo.

Update:  3:45 ET 

It’s Tirado (Toronto’s 9th ranked prospect) and Cordero going the other way. The Phillies have reportedly included cash considerations in the deal, so it will be interesting to see the extent of that feature. Done deal!

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