Blue Jays Podcast (VIDEO): MLB Trade Deadline Looms


This week’s episode of the Jays’ Nest Podcast discusses what is on the mind of every Toronto Blue Jays fan: The Trade Deadline! Moves are being made and this team is running out of time if they are going to do something to help their chances to compete this year. Both Keegan and I chose one pitcher we feel will be a Blue Jay by the time everything blows over on July 31st. We then took a look at a number of prospects that other teams could be looking for in any deal.

This week’s feature, “Charge the Mound” saw us rage about a couple of issues. Really, we were just channeling the rage that many Blue Jays fans have been voicing over the last couple days. Just so it didn’t end up to be a totally negative episode, we handed out our weekly awards. Episode 30 is a great way for Blue Jays fans to spend an hour. We hope you enjoy it.

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To open our episode, Keegan and I looked at how the seemingly slow Trade Deadline period has been developing and the rumors associated with the Blue Jays. Pitching is the target of choice, obviously. But, are we putting the cart before the horse? Is this club still in a position that would necessitate a “buyers” mentality? We looked at the standings and whether or not it even makes sense for them to trade for pitching.

From there, we moved into a quick look at a number of prospects that may become targets or part of potential deals. Obviously, Daniel Norris and Jeff Hoffman were at the top of the list. Each represents a particular value to the Toronto Blue Jays. The question lies in whether that value matches up with what other teams see. Would San Diego be as high on Norris as Chicago would? Would either of them value him the way the Blue Jays do? It is such a difficult matching game. Regardless, we also looked at Anthony Alford, Miguel Castro and Dalton Pompey. We then each picked a personal prospect that we have a soft spot for and looked at what their value, if any, would be. The comparison we make for these players is pretty funny.

From there, things got heated. We have a feature on the Jays’ Nest Podcast called “Charge the Mound” where we sound off about a particular topic that is frustrating to us. It is cheap therapy for us. This week, my frustrations over waiting for the Blue Jays to make a move spilled out and I raged about it. I am tired of hearing about building a winner for the future. Yes, I get the logic, but that doesn’t do anything to fill that 22 year old gap in my heart. I want to win now. I want my team to go for the win.

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Keegan’s rage has more to do with the enjoyment fans seem to take in the Blue Jays’ failure. It is not actual enjoyment, but the way some folks rage after a loss sure seems to be something they enjoy doing. Keegan wonders if we are just afraid to go “all in” with our hearts. It is an interesting conversation, but one that would lead to psychological depths that require much more time and qualifications from us.

We moved into a reader question that had to do with the qualifications of John Gibbons. More specifically, the question asked about his competency. Now, we both love Gibby very much, but we can see why some are questioning his being manager of this team. It was an interesting conversation that led us to yet another great comparison. You’ll have to listen to find out, but it is one that fits him perfectly. For our listeners who are not Canadian, after you have a listen, please let us know an equivalent comparison. We’re only familiar with Canadian stores.

Somehow, we managed to calm down to end on happy note and hand out our weekly awards to a Canadian boy and two pitchers of vastly different ages. Check them out!


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