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This week’s episode of Jays’ Nest brings you some great discussion about the month of June, which has led to the possibility of the Blue Jays reaching the playoffs for the first time in 22 years! Recent performances have led to this team being in a position that many have not felt before and those who have may have forgotten what it actually felt like. So, we talk about the club being in contention. Keegan offers a heartfelt apology to Marco Estrada and I sound off about the recent treatment of Brett Cecil. All of this and our weekly awards can be found in this week’s episode.

Toronto Blue Jays Starting Rotation is Not as Bad as We Think.

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To open this week’s show, we looked at the recent run the Blue Jays have been on. They’ve been getting key contributions from their big bats as Jose Bautista has come around and Edwin Encarnacion is starting to heat up. When our show went live, the Blue Jays were just one game back of the AL East lead. Now, the fact that there are 3 other teams ahead of them means that this division is far from a cake walk as many had thought. The AL East may not be the powerhouse it used to be, but it just might be more competitive. Well, except for the Red sox, of course. 

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Toronto Blue Jays

One of the surprise contributors to the Blue Jays relative success lately has been Marco Estrada. Now, when the trade for Adam Lind went down, our co-host, Keegan was very critical of this move. He feared the thought of many home runs being launched out of Rogers Centre. And, Keegan was quite vocal with his criticism. This week, Keegan offered up a very sincere apology for doubting Estrada. It was a touching moment. That said, neither of us were ready to suggest that Estrada is a Cy Young candidate. But, we accept that he has a useful role on this team and has been filling it well.

From there, we talked about the MLB debut of Matt Boyd. More specifically, we wondered what the start means for this club. Is this start an opportunity to showcase “major league ready” talent for potential trade partners? Or, is this just a case where the Blue Jays need a starter and he is a hot starter right now? We also wonder if this is a case of the Blue Jays rushing a young prospect through the system. Given the recent results of doing that with the likes of Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey, it is a worthwhile discussion. 

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In our “Charge the Mound” segment, I wanted to vent about the treatment that Brett Cecil was given following his recent run of failed save opportunities. People were vicious with their personal insults of Cecil. Some were even taking to suggesting he take his own life. I took exception to this. Brett Cecil is a human being. We feel like we can throw these things at athletes without regard for them as people. I told the story of when Brett Cecil made my son the happiest by in the world. On a personal level, I will forever be indebted to Brett Cecil for the interaction that he had with my son! Tune in to hear the story. It is one thing to criticize a player’s performance, but to attack them personally is beyond disgusting.

We balanced the above rage with the happiness that comes with our Blue Jays awards. We were split on the Hitter of the Week with Kevin Pillar and Chris Colabello getting recognition for different reasons. Our Pitcher of the Week went to a not so surprising candidate. Marco Estrada was our winner. But, a nod went to Steve Delabar.

We hope you enjoy the Jays’ Nest Podcast. Tune in every week for great Blue Jays discussion.


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