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We interrupt your regularly scheduled week to bring you an interview with Devon Travis! That’s right. Our 25th Episode of Jays’ Nest features a sit down with the second baseman who is making his way back from a shoulder injury. He joined us from the car. In fact, his driver was none other than fellow infielder and DL resident, Steve Tolleson. We asked Devon about a range of things from his injury to adjustments to the NBA Finals.

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We started the discussion with Devon about the issues caused by his shoulder injury. Obviously, it was hindering his swing. So, with the rest and rehab, he is ready to go. But, he knows that there may be a bit of a book out on him and pitchers will certainly be pitching him differently than the beginning of the season. He talks about the adjustments he’ll need to make to have success upon his return. He mentions keeping a good swing regardless. He doesn’t pay too much attention to “hot or cold zones” as opposed to making good contact,

It was this good contact that came up when I disclosed to him that Keegan and I had quite a battle over him in our fantasy league. We asked him whether he follows stats and numbers to indicate success, or if he has another gauge. He says that baseball is such a funny game in that you can feel really good at the plate and make good contact and go hitless. Likewise, you can put together bad at bats and still get hits. He tries to maintain his focus on looking good at the plate and putting a solid swing together.

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Toronto Blue Jays

Speaking of looking good, I had to ask him about the segment on Sportsnet where he went shopping for a new suit. his response is quite funny. As well, we asked him about his pick in the NBA Finals. He’s a big Lebron James fan, so obviously, he was rooting for the Cavs. We asked him who the Lebron James of the Toronto Blue Jays would be; the guy who takes the team on his back and goes to battle. His answer was quite diplomatic in that he chose the top 4 in the Blue Jays lineup” Jose Reyes, Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. He chose himself a the scrappy complimentary piece. Being that Father’s Day just happened, we also asked him to talk about his dad’s influence.

Oh, we also asked him about taking on a Ben Zobrist type roll with the Blue Jays.

Blue Jays fans will be excited to have Devon Travis back in the lineup. Before his shoulder injury he was slashing .271/.336/.504 with 7 HR and 27 RBI. He was worth 1.4 WAR and stood out as an early candidate for American League Rookie of the Year, taking home the honor for the month of April. Obviously, the Blue Jays would be thrilled to get anything resembling the player they saw at the beginning of the season. While we should not let our expectations get clouded by our excitement, it is certainly a welcome sight to see this lineup take the shape that the club had in mind before the season started.

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