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This week’s episode of Jays’ Nest brings you the usually great Blue Jays talk that you’ve come to expect. We were all over the pop culture references this week. There was even some singing. Keegan and I had lots of fun covering a number of topics this week that we felt had to be discussed. Firstly, we look at the Jose Reyes bashing that has been taking place over the last little while. We also discuss the difficulties the team has been having in one run games, the possibility of adding free agent Scott Boras and which Blue Jays could be shopped at the trade Deadline. We bring you all of this AND we hand out our weekly awards!

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Apparently, the radio voice of the Blue Jays, Jerry Howarth has been pointing the finger of blame at Jose Reyes in order to explain the team’s struggles. Jerry says he feels bad for the coaches and players around Reyes because they have to put up with the declining abilities and demands of Reyes. Keegan and I looked at this whole situation and discussed the unfair treatment the short stop has been getting. Among our points of discussion are his salary, his style of play and the abilities he brings compared to what would replace him on a daily basis. We also discussed a position move for the soon to be 32 year old. All in all, we came to the defense of Reyes. Have a listen to hear how.

After we saved the day for Reyes, we moved in to looking at the statistical oddity that is the Blue Jays’ season thus far. While they are leading the league in runs scored, they are middling their way through the division. We looked into what is behind their poor showing in the standings. Of note is the team’s record in close games. We wondered what is behind this. We looked at the managing of John Gibbons and whether he is managing his way into close game losses. We also looked at the defensive issues caused by having guys play positions (particularly in the outfield) that they are not comfortable with.

We then moved into talking about bringing in free agent Rafael Soriano. This comes from the recent report that links the Blue Jays to the former Scott Boras client. We weighed the possibility of bringing him in to shore up the back end of the bullpen. We also compared him to the option of trading for Jonathan Papelbon of the Phillies. We compared the cost (both financial and prospects) of obtaining either of these players. 

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From there, we looked at which players the Blue Jays would be shopping to bring in talent at the Trade Deadline, assuming the club is in contention. We looked at Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion and the value they present on the trade market. One of our readers/listeners proposed that Encarnacion could have trade value for, say, the New York Mets, maybe even as a third base option. We came to the conclusion that there may not be too many teams willing to allow EE to man that position. Rather, his value lies in his bat first and then as a first baseman second. As such, he actually presents more value to the Blue Jays than other teams.

To wrap things up, we ended with our Weekly Awards. Keegan and I were split when it came to our Pitcher of the Week. Keegan went with the wily veteran, who he says is everyone’s favorite baseball player, even if they don’t know it. I hitched my horse to the “Sanchez Funk”. His start the night before was my evidence. ‘He’s too hot; call the police and fireman. He’s too hot; make a dragon want to retire, man. San-chez Funk. Sanchez funk you up!’

All of this great discussion and more can be found within the content of Jays’ Nest #22. Tune in and enjoy!


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