MiLB Recap – Lugnuts Strike in the 9th

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Dunedin Blue Jays vs Jupiter Hammerheads (Loss 3-2)

The D-Jays found themselves struggling for offense Wednesday.  The pitching was able to keep them in the game though.  Murphy Smith was solid through 6 innings and allowed only 1 earned run on 7 hits.  His defense however let him down and allowed 2 unearned runs on 2 errors.  Alberto Tirado came on and did not allow a hit over the remaining 2 innings.

As the pitching kept the D-Jays in the game the offense fell flat.  They were able to collect 7 hits but were unable to put much together.  Dawel Lugo and Dickie Joe Thon collected an RBI each both on singles.  Outside of those couple hits there were no real standouts.  The throwing errors by Mike Reeves and Derrick Loveless did the D-Jays in Wednesday.

Line of the night

Murphy Smith 6 IP, 2 K’s, 7 hits, 1ER, 2 BB

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