Blue Jays Podcast (VIDEO): #17- Roster Moves & More!


Our 17th episode of Jays’ Nest featured a long but great discussion about the first month of the season for the Toronto Blue Jays. We looked at the recent roster moves and shared our thoughts on those. We took some questions from readers/ fans and answered them. They were some great questions! We also handed out our Weekly Awards!

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We began our conversation with a discussion on what it is like o be a Blue Jays fan. At Jays Journal (as part of the FanSided Network) we are dedicated to bringing the fan’s voice to covering the Blue Jays. As an extension of that, our podcast is designed to bring you discussions from a bunch of fans sitting around and shooting the breeze about their favorite team. But, being a fan of the Blue Jays can be a challenging endeavor. We discuss the ups and down that come from being a fan of a sports team in Toronto, but more specifically, what it’s like to be a fan of the Blue Jays. There are always the “cautiously optimistic” fans, the “homers” and those in between. We also discuss the back and forth that goes on between these types of fans.

From there, we dove right into the news of the past couple days: the demotion of Daniel Norris and Dalton Pompey. After watching Daniel Norris grind his way through his last outing, it was clear that something was off. While, he seems to be over his ‘dead arm’ period, he labored through his last start. This move looks to be about addressing that. The Norris move came as a bit of a surprise since he is struggling, but not as badly as Aaron Sanchez is. sanchez has struggled more with a higher walk rate. However, we talked about the reason why Sanchez may not actually be sent down as quickly. it has to do with the possibility of a move to the bullpen. 

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Our biggest concern with Dalton Pompey is the impact the demotion could have on him. Yes, it is true that he has been moved through the system quickly and could still use some time to grow. But, the Blue Jays brought him up anyway. They threw him in to this starting role. Regardless of if he were ready or not, he now has to deal with the mental side of all of this. He said he wa playing scared. Any signs of struggle and he could be sent down. He was right. We talked about the possibility of having him in a reduced role on the big league club while he works through his struggles. But, it probably makes more sense to have him play everyday at AAA and give limited time to Ezequiel Carrera. It makes sense.

The reader questions that were submitted were great ones! We had one question about grading the management of the Toronto Blue Jays from Frank. We looked at the performance of Alex Anthopoulos, John Gibbons and pitching coach, Pete Walker. Oddly, while we were critical, AA fared better in our assessments than the other two. Another reader question (from Juliana) asked us when we’d see Maicer Izturis back in the Blue Jays lineup. Information on his progress has been hard to come by. Yet, he keeps being put on the DL, most recently for 60 days. It seems odd since he had originally been dealing with a ‘slight’ groin issue. It must be terrible, rather than slight.

We also handed out our Weekly Awards and looked ahead to the upcoming series’ against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Sit back, relax and enjoy episode #17 of Jays’ Nest. Feel free to leave feedback below. Thank you!


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