Jumping To Conclusions – April 2015 Edition

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As the calender flips to May lets jump to some conclusions on the Blue Jays start to the season.  The Jays season has gotten off to a rocky start to the tune of a 10-12 record.  I am not about to go on a “let me tell you why we suck” rant so bear with me.   Lets take a few minutes and go over the top topics thus far for the 2015 season.

The Offense has been producing runs as advertised

As of today the Blue Jays have scored the most runs in MLB with 117.  This is mostly due to the emergence of Devon Travis and Josh Donaldson‘s stellar start.  The typical bash brothers duo in the middle of the lineup has been near dead.  Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion have been off to slow starts.  Jose has been fighting some injuries and Edwin missed most of spring training action due an aggravated back.  Edwin will heat up as his timing improves and Jose will become himself in the near future I think.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

The lineup has also been influx due to the injuries and under performing.  Russel Martin started the year in the 2 hole which has become the Devon Travis’s spot when Reyes is healthy.  Jose Reyes has been in and out of the lineup which has opened a revolving door at the top of the lineup.  Josh Donaldson has batted anywhere in the 2-5 spots.  It has been a mess to say the least.  I agree that with the way Travis has been hitting he needs to be in one of the top 2 spots.  I am also starting to like the idea of keeping Donaldson in the 3 spot where he has been raking as of late.

Look for the Jays offense to get even better as the weather continues to warm in May.  Watch out for when Edwin and Jose start producing with an already potent lineup.  Things are going to get ugly for opposing pitching as they have no real spots to hide from this lineup.