Blue Jays Turf: Home Field Advantage?

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Mandatory Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, there are advantages that each MLB ballpark has that benefit those who are more comfortable playing there. Do we really think that the Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium do not provide an intimidating atmosphere for visitors and a welcoming one for the home team?

Heck, even Oriole Park at Camden Yards with its shorter walls offers somewhat of an advantage. When it first opened in 1992, that was one of the big attractions to it: that a player could jump up and steal a home run with little effort.

Now, I have a ton of respect for Buck Showalter. He’s great. But, the reaction to the new turf at Rogers Centre is a bit over the top. It is new. It has its issues. But, so do many other ballparks. We can’t go throwing a tantrum and just not play games because of these issues. This kind of spoiled attitude toward things is, at best, off putting. At worst it is downright angering.

Just like all of the ballparks I featured here, the walls, turf, dimensions, etc are the same for both teams. If Showalter is worried about the Blue Jays bunting for base hits, he gets 27 chances to do the same thing. If he is worried about ground balls bouncing funny, he is going to have to manage his team to help them adjust. Can he not get his team to use the field to his advantage? Surely, a manager of his caliber can find a way to win despite the “home field advantages” the new turf provides. Forfeiting a game, though sure isn’t going to accomplish that.

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