Blue Jays Turf: Home Field Advantage?

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Minute Maid Park- Houston Astros

The dimensions of Minute Maid Park are wonky, to say the least. And, while 435 ft to CF is not crazy, the actual shape of the wall from pole to pole is bizzare. By my count, there are 6 (!) corners, or edges, that could really mess with someone who is not familiar with the confines of Houtson. And, these are not just little juts, but actual edges that if you are not expecting, could end up hurting an outfielder who is tracking a ball.

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As well, we have to add that there is an actual slope in CF. Imagine this, you’re playing CF and a ball is hit straight to you. But, it is way over your head. You start on a run back to the wall, then you come to an incline. You have to run UPHILL to catch this ball. Now, what if it is hit just to the left of CF? Well, you may actually encounter a flag pole! That’s right. There is a pole directly on the hill that is on the field!

How is that for an advantage? A wonky wall AND an uphill dead center field with a pole in it! And, not that this is a direct result, but Minute Maid Park is dead last in 2015 BABIP on Watson’s list at .237.

There is obviously a home field advantage to Minute Maid Park. Guys who are used to its outfield are clearly better off than those who are not. What’s more, this park actually has safety concerns with a hill and a pole that players have to contend with to go along with edges and what not. Is MLB looking into this? Doubt it.

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