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Baseball is back! And, this week’s episode of Jays’ Nest looks at the first week of the 2015 Blue Jays season. Our discussion picks apart the week that was including the rotation and the bullpen. Our Ryan Mueller gives an introduction to the minor league teams to our listeners. We also hand out some awards from the first week including Best Hitter, Best Pitcher and more. We also check in on former Blue Jays.

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We started our discussion with a look at the first series of the season against the New York Yankees. The Blue Jays took 2 of 3 and it very well could have been a sweep. The highlights we focussed on were the bullpen collapse, Yankee starters and the performance of Devon Travis who hit his first big league home run. As well, we thought it was important to note the performance of Kevin Pillar. He’s holding his own at the plate, but is really earning his keep in the outfield. It will be very interesting to see what happens when Michael Saunders is ready to come back soon. We have some thoughts on that.

Ryan broke down how the teams in the Blue Jays system will begin the 2015 season. There is a lot of talent at AAA Buffalo that has seen time at the big league level. The rotation is missing guys like Daniel Norris and Aaron Sanchez, so fans will miss out on seeing some young, up and coming arms. The bullpen looks interesting, though. But, there seems to be a fairly significant log jam among first basemen. It will be a challenge to see where all those guys fit in. Looking deeper in the system, AA New Hampshire looks to improve upon their 2014 fortunes. Our Jays’ Nest friend, Arik Sikula will close out games there (when he returns from his current DL stint). As well Dwight Smith Jr will start the year there. This season will be an interesting one for him! We’ve also spoken to him on our show! Ryan also filled us in on the Dunedin Blue Jays and Lansing Lugnuts and who to look out for this year! 

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We then moved on to hand out some “Player of the Week” Awards. Each of us picked winners in the following categories: Hitter of the Week, Pitcher of the Week, Play of the Week, Misplay of the Week. Some of our answers may surprise you. What probably won’t is the love that Devon Travis gets in these awards. But, there are some interesting winners, though.

Our discussion also looked ahead to the Home Opener and the following series’. The Blue Jays will host the Tampa Bay Rays, the Atlanta Braves before they meet the Orioles again. We look at how the rotation plays out and what the chances are of the Blue Jays gaining some games early in the young season.

And, finally, we check in on some former Blue Jays like Travis Snider, Anthony Gose and Brett Lawrie. We were surprised by the start that Brandon Morrow put forth for the San Diego Padres. We give you our thoughts on the early success (or not) that this list of players is having to start the season.

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