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The 2015 season is officially upon us! I know I am not the only one that was praying for the snow to melt and give way to the spring. Begging it to come faster than the long agonizing winter appeared to be allowing it. Finally the calender has turned to April and we have the Jays Journal staff ready to run with the Jays through what looks to be a good season ahead. That being said we have gathered our Jays Journal Bold Predictions for the 2015 season. Some of these may even be a little crazy but lets dive into our staff picks and discuss.

-Craig Borden-
Dalton Pompey hits well enough to slide into the 2 hole behind Jose Reyes
-Pompey keeps a high on base percentage and becomes another valuable switch hitter setting up the mashers. Having his speed at the top of the line up could prove valuable.
Miguel Castro ends up splitting the closer role or taking it from Brett Cecil
-Castro throws smoke and keeps his ERA down this could be a reality. He has the poise to become a valuable arm in our bullpen moving forward. If Cecil struggles or Gibby just wants to play match up could push him into this role.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

-Shaun Doyle-

Jays will use total of 9 different starters

With the possible question marks in the rotation there maybe times where bands aids need to be applied. It is realistic as much as we don’t want to say it that

Marco Estrada


Todd Redmond

may make some starts to spell some of our starters.

Jays will lead the league in runs scored

With the lineup we are trotting out everyday it would not be a stretch to think that we own this category in the baseball world. We have a plethora of offensive talent and 3 guys that could hit 30+ Home Runs.

Jays have 5 starters win 10 games again this year

A lot of our starting pitching staff is on the young side but the talent level is there. Sanchez and Norris have shown us this spring what they have to offer. Saying it has been an impressive showing would be an understatement. Hutch, Dickey, and Buehrle are going to perform well enough to get 10 wins easily due to our offensive capabilities alone.

Edwin Encarnacion

Edwin’s shortened spring could lead to a slow start. Castro and Reyes however have has solid springs that could lead to the opposite. That could mean possible All Star appearances.

Mark Buehrle

Father as being known in the dugout these days has been on a ridiculous trend throughout his career. since his rookie season he has pitched at least 201 innings a season. He has performed this feet since the beginning of the 2001 season. Is this the year this streak comes to an end?

-Eric Elliot-
Jeff Hoffman makes an appearance this year for the Jays
Last years first round draft pick just started throwing after his Tommy John surgery a few weeks ago. He has been turning heads already and maybe on the fast track to wearing a Jays uniform.

-Kyle Franzoni-
Devon Travis bursts onto the scene and surprises everyone by pulling the Rookie of the Year Award
Our @JaysNestPodcast guest from early this spring has impressed and taken the 2nd base job. Could he ride this springs hot streak for the season all the way to the ROY award?

-Justin Jay-
Russell Martin works well with the pitchers but his bat fails to live up to par
We know how good Martin has been throughout his career but after a personal best last season does he keep trending upward? He isn’t getting any younger and will be spending most of his time supporting a young pitching staff.
Jays push 800 total runs across the plate
As mentioned our offense has the potential to put up some very lop sided numbers this year. Could we push 800 runners home?

-Michael McKee-
Mark Buehrle finally hits the DL for the first time in his career
As mentioned above the bull dog has been on a 200 innings per year streak. This is due to the fact that he has never spent time on the disabled list. Could an injury finally crack his impressive streak?

Let us know your predictions in the comments to keep the conversation going.

All Statistic information provided by baseball-reference.com.

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