Jose Reyes & Derek Jeter: Fun With Photo Captioning


Since we had so much fun with our first attempt at Fun With Photo Captioning, I thought we’d keep the ball rolling. I went looking for another picture to have fun with. This time, we’ll look at a picture from the end of the 2014 season. This one features Jose Reyes (who posted the picture on his Twitter account) and Derek Jeter. Reyes was no doubt saying goodbye as the Farewell Tour of a season for Jeter was winding down.

Just like the last edition, we’ll present you with a picture and ask you to add captions in the comment section. We’ll provide you with a few to get your creative juices flowing.

Here is the picture in question:

Here are a few captions that our staff has come up with:

Doyle: “Jeter, man. Thanks for making my defense look good the last couple seasons. I’m gonna miss you.”

Kyle: “Hey man, who makes your gift baskets?”

Keegan: “It’s my turn this year, Derek!  Presents at every stadium and ‘Re7pect’ commercials!”

JustinJeter: “I can’t believe teams built a franchise around you, haha!” Reyes: “Hahaha! … … … Wait! What?”

Doyle: “Can you believe how rich we got over the last few years without really having to be that good?”

KeeganDJ: “Jose, I have you on my fantasy team this season!” JR: “Me too!  I traded up to draft myself first overall!”

JustinReyes: “Come here homie, give me a hug!” Jeter: “Alright… alriiight… that’s enough you overrated b****rd” (Justin was going for irony, here.)

Eric: “Teach me how to turn routine plays into top 10 memorable moments Derek!”

Craig: Crying into his shoulder he says “Playing on teams that can’t make the playoffs is so depressing! Can you teach me to be you”

All joking aside, this photo captures two of the more prominent short stops in recent history. Their respective abilities have been called into question in recent years, but there is no denying that they’ve both been among the great players at an important position. But, if you do question this, take a look at their all time ranks among short stops. 

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

Jeter ranks 6th ALL TIME among short stops in average at .310. Reyes ranks 15th with an average of .291. Jeter is 7th in OBP at .377. Reyes is 34th with a .341 OBP. Reyes is 10th all time with 455 stolen bases. Jeter 18th with 358 SB. Jeter is fifth in games played (2747) and hits (3465). While Reyes is 100th in games played (1446) (insert injury gripe here) and 50th in hits (1772). Reyes is 11th all time with 111 triples. Jeter is 62nd with 66. Jeter is 3rd in HR with 260 and Reyes sits in 38th with 111. And, finally, Jeter is 6th all time with 1311 RBI. Reyes has 568, which is good for 85th.

Obviously, Reyes’ numbers do not rank him as high on the all time short stop list as Jeter’s do, but we should note that Reyes doesn’t turn 32 until part way through the 2015 season. If (and it is a big “if”) he can stay healthy enough, Reyes will have quite a few more years to catch up to The Captain. Whether he does so in a Toronto Blue Jays’ uniform is up for debate. But, before that even comes up, we get to enjoy watching Reyes on the basepaths and on the field. And, whether you like his defense or not, we have to remember that he is still among the league’s best at his position as the MLB Network tabbed him as the 4th best SS in all of Major League Baseball.

At any rate, we welcome your ideas below. Leave your captions and have some Fun With Photo Captioning.

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