Marcus Stroman & Russell Martin: Fun With Photo Captioning


On February 11th, Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman tweeted the following picture of himself and Russell Martin deep in conversation.

Before we get into the fun, I should preface all of this with just how awesome it is to see these two getting time together. With the team not scheduled to get together for over a week, Martin is getting to know his pitchers already. Perhaps this will go a long way to developing the ever important pitcher/catcher relationship. This dynamic duo has the potential to do some very big things this season. Fans were already excited about the upcoming season for Stroman. We’re eager to see if he can build on the success he started last season. Martin will be a huge contributor to that.

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  • It is interesting to note that Martin is doing the listening, the watching, the getting to know Stroman. Obviously, we are not privy to the conversation, but I like the approach of letting #StroShow do the talking. It shows an interest in learning and, possibly even ego stroking that may serve Martin well in game situations.

    Now, let’s get to the fun. We’re going to take the picture tweeted by Stroman and see if you can come up with a caption to make us laugh, make us think, make us cringe…whatever. Marcus offered a caption of “Battery mate” for this photo. We think we can do better than that. We’d like to play a little game called Fun With Photo Captioning. We’d like to see what our readers can come up with for a caption of this picture. What are they talking about? What’s going through their heads? Our staff has started you off with a few suggestions:

    Kyle: “No seriously, throwing to Josh Thole last season made my hair do this. I’ll do anything to get it to go back to normal!”

    Eric: “Russell, man, they say you can do great things for pitchers, but, uhmmm….can you make me taller?”

    Alex: “So you’re gonna teach me how to grow a beard and I’m gonna get you the number of my barber, eh Russ?

    Ryan: Stroman, “Ya man, they‎ stole the bottoms of my sweat pants and that’s why I’m wearing tights.” Martin: “Those bastards‎. I feel your pain, eh! They took one of my batting gloves.”

    Doyle: “…and everything she touched turned to ice so she had to go live in an ice castle all by HERSELF!”

    Kyle: “Want to know what would be a funny prank on Gibby? Let’s go into the clubhouse and write ‘Play for yourself’ and ‘The ship is sinking’ on the whiteboard!”

    We think that, so far, Kyle’s last caption takes the cake thus far. Now, it’s your turn. Leave a comment below with your entry into Fun With Photo Captioning.

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