Blue Jays Podcast (VIDEO): Jays’ Nest #3


Hello Blue Jays fans! Hopefully, you are not still feeling the effects of the Super Bowl. To help ease you into your day, we’ve got the 3rd episode of Jays’ Nest, our Blue Jays podcast. Just sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of the voices from our Jays Journal panel as we discuss the Paul Beeston situation, the bullpen, Spring Invites and so much more! We even announced our schedule for next week! It’s a good one, so keep reading!

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We started off our discussion by discussing how the whole “Find a New President for the Blue Jays on the Down Low” debacle ended up. More specifically, we wondered just how the efforts to land Dan Duquette form the Orioles could impact the future of GM, Alex Anthopoulos. The “Ninja GM” has had an interesting tenure thus far with the Blue Jays. He’s managed to stock the far system not once, but twice and made some fairly significant moves since he took over. We wondered how much all of that will matter when Rogers has to make a decision on his future.

A lot of what happens to Alex Anthopoulos will depend on the production of the 2015 team he has assembled. In looking at this team, we discussed the effectiveness of starter, R.A. Dickey and what his role actually is. For some reason, Blue Jays fans have a mixed reaction to Dickey. We discussed his popularity.

One of our topics came from a fan on Twitter:

We considered this option as an attempt to address the second base issue. Ultimately, we figured adding the speedy infielder would not amount to much more than what is already on the Blue Jays’ roster for 2015. Another Twitter user asked us to discuss newly signed virtual unknown Tiago da Silva:  

This led to an interesting profile from Keegan Matheson. Keegan shared with us some rather interesting descriptions of da Silva’s delivery and movement, including a reference to Bugs Bunny. It is difficult to really pinpoint where da Silva will fit in within the Blue Jays organization. Our panel felt he’s probably looking at AA New Hampshire with a possibility of AAA Buffalo.

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From there we looked at some of the Spring Training invites that were handed out. All of us, like most everyone else, are looking forward to seeing Roberto Osuna. He’s had a rough go at such an early stage in his career and his comeback from Tommy John surgery hasn’t yielded great results. Still, many expect him to be quite special. We also are excited to see miguel Castro.

We ended our discussion with coming to a conclusion about the state of the Blue Jays bullpen. Despite all of the ballyhooing (from us and others) that has gone on about the pieces that are needed to fix the bullpen, we wondered if it has been blown out of proportion.

As always, we hope you enjoy our presentation of Jays’ Nest and we welcome your feedback.



We have a great episode in store for you! We’ll be joined by the folks at SodoMojo (FanSided’s Seattle Mariners site) to discuss new Blue Jays Michael Saunders and Justin Smoak. We’ll also have a discussion with RumBunter (FanSided’s Pittsburgh Pirates site) about Russell Martin (and maybe Travis Snider). And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be joined by Blue Jays rookie center fielder, Dalton Pompey! This should be a great show, so make sure you tune in.

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