Blue Jays Rumors: Melky Cabrera’s Asking Price


Has there been a team busier than the Toronto Blue Jays lately? GM, Alex Anthopoulos has been working. He may not have landed a ‘big fish’, but at this early stage in the winter, did we really think he would have? Instead, he’s been busy making minor deals, and of course waiver claims to improve the depth of his squad. The acquisition of Devon Travis is an example of this. 

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In his recent efforts, has he forgotten about the bigger names? The bigger holes in his roster? Considering the meetings that have been rumored (see Russell Martin & Pablo Sandoval), it would appear that he hasn’t. What about Melky Cabrera? Has he moved on?

We know that he has said he is willing to let The Melkman test the market to better determine his value. He has also said that he is not so sure Melky will be back. Today, we may have been given an indication why. In his write up of the Anthony Gose/ Devon Travis deal, Bob Elliott (of The Sun) gives us an interesting bit of info regarding Melky Cabrera.

“Cabrera had told friends that the Jays made a three-year $39 million offer. The outfielder’s agent is believed to be looking for a $50 million package.”

“Cabrera had told friends that the Jays made a three-year $39 million offer. The outfielder’s agent is believed to be looking for a $50 million package.

Is this enough to cause the Blue Jays to look elsewhere?

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  • Could they swing something with

    Nori Aoki

    for cheaper? Someone else? There are plenty of outfielders available who could come at a lower cost (both in years and dollars). Or, do the Blue Jays really believe in what they got from Cabrera last season? Perhaps if they actually did, they would have solved this issue already and they wouldn’t be talking as if he were already signed somewhere else. They extended a one year offer of $15.3M, but do they believe in him enough to pay him that over the course of 3 or more seasons? Obviously not.

    Yet, this isn’t actually an open and shut case. Yesterday’s trade created a shorter outfield depth chart. Kevin Pillar and Dalton Pompey reside at the top of it. Then John Mayberry Jr and recently acquired Andy Dirks are left to fight for at bats. Setting aside that issue, with Melky gone, the offense now has another hole to fill. Who is going to be called upon to fill the second spot in the lineup as effectively as he did last season?

    A big question remains as to what is behind that original 3 year offer from the Blue Jays. Were they intentionally low balling him in the hopes that he wouldn’t risk declining the qualifying offer? Or, do they really think he is worth the $13M annually? What is interesting is that (according to Elliott) Cabrera’s agent doesn’t mention years. SO, if the left fielder can get his target of $50M over the same 3 years, would he take it? Would that be right in the Blue Jays wheel house?

    Or, is this all they have to work with? Is this all they are willing to work with?

    That does not bode well for the fans who are clinging to the dreams (as pipe-like as they may be) of signing Pablo Sandoval, Russell Martin or any of the other big names that will certainly fetch more than $13M per season. If anything, the story of Melky Cabrera is actually creating more questions than answers.