Blue Jays & (Not So) Deep Thoughts No.4


A friend and I were reminiscing the other day about old Saturday Night Live sketches. Eventually, the conversation came to Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. Man, those were good. Anyway, they have inspired me to collect a list of (Not So) Deep Thoughts regarding the Toronto Blue Jays. Some are good, some are funny, most are neither. Here we go:

So, Marcus Stroman changed his number?! On his uniform, that is. It’s not like he’d change his cell number on me. Come on, now. No, no, he went from #54 to #6. Who does this kid think he is? Pitchers don’t get single digit numbers! Besides, there are thousands of people who bought his jersey.

The Rogers Centre is apparently getting new turf next year. I’m wondering just how much Jose Reyes will be involved in this process. Directly or indirectly, the club has to be considering his wonky legs when they are talking about turf. After all, they owe him a total of $66M over the next 3 seasons. That’s probably more than they are going to spend on the turf.  It had better provide lots of cushion for his hammies.

Speaking of Jose Reyes, I know it is early, but can we talk about his contract?! No? OK, but I will throw out there that after the Blue Jays pay him $66M they have a $22M team option for 2018. The buyout is $4M. Hmmm, pay him $4M to not play for them or $22M to play for them at age 35? Isn’t the buyout the most “slap in the face” clause a contract can have? It’s like asking someone out on a  date and them saying I’ll pay for your dinner, but you have to eat at home. Without me. Ouch. This might be the easiest decision Alex Anthopoulos ever has to make.

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  • I’m almost positive if they had that option


    they’d buy him out. But, we’ll have to endure at least 3 more years before it becomes a topic. Unless they trade him. Right now the only option to replace him is…who now? Don’t answer that. If we don’t say it out loud, it won’t come true.

    Is anyone else watching the MLB Postseason and loving the action? An even better question is: Is anyone else watching the MLB Postseason and wishing the Nationals were still the Expos? The Blue Jays will return to Montreal for another spring training series in 2015. But, it just isn’t the same. *sniff*

    Finally, for all the fans who think the Blue Jays offense is not an issue: I’ll leave you with this little gem from Ian (BlueJay) Hunter: