Marcus Stroman to Wear #6 in 2015


Marcus Stroman‘s jersey will look a little different when the 2015 season opens.  Thankfully, it will only be the number on the back that changes.  Stroman announced on Twitter today that he will be wearing #6 going forward, dropping the #54 that he entered the league wearing.

In another tweet, Stroman explained that the change of heart is largely due to his Grandmother, who was born on the 6th of March in 1943.  Those who follow Stroman on Twitter or Instagram will now also find him at his new tag: @MStrooo6

Number 6 also represents the close ties that Marcus Stroman has formed with the city of Toronto.  Often known by the ‘416’ area code, Stroman frequently refers to Toronto as “the 6” on social media.  When paired up with Stroman’s close friend and fellow young star Aaron Sanchez, #41, the two now form 41-6.  Intentional or not, this is perfect.

In a time of exciting young players, Stroman is exactly what I am looking for in a Blue Jay not only due to his incredible talents, but due to his potential to become a player that proudly represents the community that the Blue Jays play in.  There is a time and place for the quiet All-Star, who is seen on the field but a mystery off of it.  Stroman, on the other hand, has the personality and swagger to excite and interact with the city that the Blue Jays call home.

Speaking of fan favourites, Stroman will be the first note-worthy Blue Jay to don #6 since John McDonald, from 2005-2011.  McDonald’s world-class defence and blue-collar playing style made made him an approachable and beloved member of the Blue Jays.  Reaching back a bit further, the biggest name to ever don the blue and white #6 was Jays great Carlos Delgado, who wore the number early in his career, from 1993-1995.

If Marcus Stroman can appeal to the fan base like John McDonald once did, and appeal to the stat-sheet like Carlos Delgado, Blue Jays fans won’t care what number is on his back.  All that matters will be Stroman having a Blue Jay on his chest.