Scott Copeland falls victim to the numbers game


On August 17th RHP Scott Copeland was sent back to New Hampshire after 2 starts. The move was necessary to make room for LHP Brad Mills and RHP Chad Jenkinswho added to the Bisons roster.

At first glance it doesn’t look like anything more than a numbers game or seniority move. On August 18th, a little salt was added to Scott Copeland’s fresh wound. Scott Copeland was named the International League Pitcher-of-the-Week and for his efforts he was shipped off to New Hampshire to make room for a Quad-A pitcher and an over worked long man. This had me and many fans wondering why?

The 26 year old was originally drafted in the 21st round of the 2010 draft by the Baltimore Orioles. The Toronto Blue Jays signed Copeland to a minor league contract as a minor league free-agent in 2012. Copeland can be considered a non-prospect, but he has pitched very well for the Blue Jays and when he finally was given a chance to pitch at the triple-A level, he excelled.

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I know that his  2 games sample size is too small to make any types of predictions, but his impressive numbers over those 2 start had this fan/writer very impressed and I would have liked to see his opportunity continue. They say that timing is everything, and that could be the case  for Copeland since August was Scott Copeland’s best month of the 2014 season or his career… other month can compare…at all.

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Scott Copeland is the type of pitcher you want to get a chance, he is a guy that could one day fill a long relief, spot starter/Four-A starter, or even a 5th starter role. Copeland’s a ground ball pitcher who has given up a total of 20 home runs in 295IP over 2 years in the Jays organization, which is good for a 0.65 HR/9. He isn’t considered a strikeout pitcher with a 15K%at double-A and 18.9BB% at triple-A. He does give up his share of hits (8.9/9IP in double-A) which causes his WHIP (1.332 in double-A) to look some what unimpressive, but his H/9 dropped to 6.4 and his WHIP was an impressive 1.000 with Buffalo. Take a look at Scott Copeland’s batted ball breakdown this year by clicking the link below.

Scott Copeland’s Batted Ball Breakdown (compliments of Daren Willman from

What bothers me most about Copeland’s demotion is the fact he was sent down to make room for Brad Mills. I have nothing against Mills. It’s just we know what Brad Mills is. Why not let us find out what Copeland is, why not let him have his time in the sun to prove his worth in Buffalo. Who knows maybe we are talking about him as a possible long man in 2015 or guy that could be an emergency call up…that is if he is back. Since he is not on the 40-man roster, nor will he be added this off-season, he will be exposed during the Rule-5 draft. Heck I would have been fine sending Chad Jenkins to New Hampshire to rest until the September call up are made, but sending a guy down that just pitched 2 games of shutout ball over 14 innings is ridiculous.

Scott Copeland will be back with Buffalo by the end of 2014, but his performance should have allowed him the luxury to remain there over a pitcher that has already been given the chance to prove himself. Don’t you think that Copeland’s performance earned him the right to a couple more starts?