Poll – Should the Blue Jays have any untouchable prospects in trade talks?


The Toronto Blue Jays are at a crossroads as the 2014 MLB non-waiver trade deadline approaches. The team is sitting on the bubble of .500, has slid backwards into third place in the standings, but is still within striking distance of a playoff spot.

The crossroads the Blue Jays stand at is a simple choice. Do they buy pieces in order to improve the 2014 product and go all-out for a playoff spot? Or do they sit still, hope their injured players (Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind, Brett Lawrie, and Brandon Morro) get healthy quickly and are productive enough to put them over the edge?

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Of course, the two roads do have consequences. If the Blue Jays choose to stand pat, and fail, the fans will be disgruntled, feeling that the team which had a chance failed to add the pieces it need to be pushed over the top. Then again, acquiring those pieces, or taken the second path, has a price and that leads us to our poll.

That price will be top prospects, and the Blue Jays are starting to put some good ones on the board. With Dalton Pompey, Daniel Norris, and Franklin Barreto are having break-out seasons, and top arms Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman now part of the big league team, the Blue Jays have a few prized pieces that teams are drooling over. However, they also pillaged the system two years ago to add R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, and Jose Reyes, which still leaves a sour taste in the mouths of fans today.

Perhaps that is why there is talk that Pompey and Norris are nearly untouchable, and with Stroman’s performance in the rotation, he’s about as likely to get traded as the Phillies are going to be capable of unloading Ryan Howard. Which leads to today’s question;

Should any Blue Jays prospect be truly untouchable?

Vote below, you can select more than one choice. Also feel free to comment about your choice, telling us all why or why not you believe any of these guys are truly untouchable in trades to help the current team.