MLB Trade Deadline: American League East Needs

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Boston Red Sox

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NEED TO: Get a bat (or two) and some speed

I honestly don’t know what will help the Red Sox at this point. Their pitching staff is healthy. Yet, they’ve been pretty ineffective. They’ve combined for 44 wins (12th in AL) and 52 losses (4th most in AL). They’ve given up a ton of hits (867-12th in AL) but struck out a pile, too (781-5th in AL). Their pitching staff is just fine. In fact, they may be the only team in the AL East who doesn’t need to target pitching if they are going to make a playoff push.

I guess, what they really need is an offense that works. Currently, they are near the bottom of the American League in most offensive categories. They are 14th in runs (372), 12th in hits (810), 13th in homeruns (70-David Ortiz has 20!), 14th in stolen bases (30), 12th in batting average (.247), 15th (!) in SLG (.372) and 14th in total bases with 1222. Needless to say, they need a boost. If they are serious about being able to contend this year.

Maybe could dangle their pitching to bring in a bat:

Or, they could concede the season. They have to decide what they are going to do with Jon Lester. The open, then closed, then open again contract talks don’t seem to be nearing any conclusion. The Red Sox could listen on offers for him. Before Red Sox fans bite my head off or dismiss me as a lunatic, they should just stop and think about it for a micro second. Think of the haul he’d command. With a rotation as good as the Sox have, it mightn’t hurt too much to lose Lester. The thought of the package alone should be enough for the Sox to at least listen on him. Maybe I’m just hoping they’ll listen to Alex Anthopoulos, just a bit. I’d be willing to give them almost anything they want for Jon Lester. Jose Bautista? Sure thing. Take him. What else do you want?

In all reality, Jon Lester will not be traded. But, the Sox have to decide if they are going to make a run at the playoffs. If they are, they’ll need to give up something to improve that offense. If they decide they are not in it, they should think abotu getting as much as they can for the players they have.