MLB Trade Deadline: American League East Needs

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Tampa Bay Rays

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    NEED TO: Sell, sell, SELL!    

Rays fans may not like my opinion as to what the team should do coming in to the MLB Trade Deadline. But, considering the mountain they have to climb to get back in to contention, one must be realistic. The Blue Jays are making it easier for the Rays to get closer to first place, but it still won’t be enough.

So, with several teams in the hunt for post season baseball, the time is right for the Rays to have a Miami Marlins type sale. Seriously.  The Rays could command a hefty haul for David Price alone. They can aim higher than the James Shield deal that brought them Wil Myers et al. Considering the state of Major League Baseball, the Rays can afford to name their PRICE. (see what I did there?). And, some team will pay it. They only need one to bite. It looks as though they may have found one, too:

Morosi also mentions Ben Zobrist. He would be a welcome addition to any offense. The Mariners already have a second baseman (who is going to cost them a pretty penny for YEARS) but Zobrist brings versatility that managers love. By packaging these two players together, the Rays could command a package that few teams could meet. Separating them might open the door for more teams to enter the bidding.

I don’t know if you can ever say the Rays are in rebuilding mode, but if they are waving the white flag on this season, maybe they listen on Evan Longoria too. Although, he’s had a bit of a down year, he’s worth a listen. I know, I know. That is crazy talk. But, think about the return. They probably will not put Longoria on the block. Probably. But, it is fun to speculate. Maybe not for Rays’ fans, though.