Who would be removed from Blue Jays rotation if they acquire a starting pitcher?


For all the talk about the Toronto Blue Jays needing to add a starter there hasn’t been much or any of who would leave the rotation to go to the bullpen or Triple-A if a starter was added.

So let’s have that talk now.

Mark Buehrle: Buehrle is the one guy who obviously isn’t leaving the rotation. He has an ERA under three and made his first all-star game since 2009.

R.A. Dickey: It would actually make sense for Dickey to be in the bullpen this season since he seems to dominate a team when he only faces them twice through a lineup. But the Jays aren’t paying him 12 million dollars to provide long relief.

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Drew Hutchison: Despite his great year there’s plenty of reason to think Hutch could be the guy to get put in the bullpen if the Jays acquire a starting pitcher. He’s already thrown 105 innings with his previous high being 72 innings back in 2011 in Single-A. And he’s coming off Tommy John Surgery.

Plus, the Blue Jays have already skipped a start or two of his already since the start of the year so you know they are watching his innings. Hutch going to the bullpen would be a great way to reserve his innings so he could get the most out of him in a starting role in September and hopefully October.

J.A. Happ: Happ would seem to be the most logical choice to move to the pen. Like Dickey, he’s had a lot more success facing a lineup once or twice through. And when he’s in the rotation, the bad starts tend to be really bad.

Marcus Stroman: Stroman is in the same boat as Hutchison as he’s been great but he’s young and the Jays might need to monitor his innings. It would make sense to move him to the pen so the Jays could use him to the max in September and hopefully October.

If the Blue Jays acquire a starting pitcher someone in their current rotation is got to leave. I’m just happy not to be the one deciding who.