AL East Round Up: Memories Edition

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New York Yankees

This might be a week the Yankees would like to forget. The memories of the dynasty created in the 1990’s seem even further than you’d think. This team is banged up and aging, which is not a good combination. They’ve slipped into 2nd place and show no signs of hope as far as I can tell. Considering the financial investment they’ve committed to, this might be a season they’d like to forget. Yes, I will admit it is VERY early in the season. But, as Blue Jays fans know: “It’s early” can only be used for so long.

Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Well, C.C. Sabathia is out for 6 weeks…at least. However, Bryan Hoch shares that Joe Girardi expects the big lefty to be able to come back and produce this season. Of course he would say that. My question would be: Why would he need to say that? If you’re going to announce that he’s out for 6 weeks, why add that you expect that he’ll bounce back THIS SEASON? Unless Girardi is just saying that the knee shouldn’t be an issue when Sabathia does return. It’s just…doesn’t him saying that put doubt in your mind? It does mine.

If I were a Yankee fan (Hey, I said “IF”) I would be able to block Sabathia’s knee form my memory for a bit because of Masahiro Tanaka‘s brilliant foray into Major League Baseball. Except, that memory might cause some pain. This week the undefeated start of Tanaka was spoiled by the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night. That’s right, the Cubs! I’m just going to let that sink in…

Carlos Beltran has joined Sabathia on the DL. A bone spur will keep him out of action for a while. Shawn Kelly was attempting to return to the bullpen, but he suffered a setback in his rehab.  Then, Brian Roberts gave himeself this “forget-me-not” foul ball off the knee cap:

The Yankees can’t afford to lose any more guys, even if it is Brian Roberts.

Luckily, Derek Jeter is still making his Fairwell Tour. He stopped through Chicago and had this to say about some of the White Sox:

Man, what a classy guy! Seriously!