AL East Round Up: Memories Edition

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Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles looked like they were going to make me eat my words when I repeatedly say they were a surprise contender. I didn’t think they had what it takes to win the division. I think that even less now.

The fall from first place to third has not been kind to the O’s. With the exception of Chris Davis, this has been a week they might like to erase form their memory.

Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The loss of All Star catcher Matt Wieters does not look good. In fact, it is so not good that the Orioles traded for help behind the dish.’s Brittany Ghiroli tells us that the O’s acquired Nick Hundley from San Diego. You know it is not looking good for a quick return when the team has to make a trade. Manny Machado is also nursing a stiff groin. Stop giggling! The Orioles are just hoping that it is over quick. They still have the memory of playing without him fresh in their minds.

The O’s might be remembering the conversation they had when they decided to sign Ubaldo Jimenez. I wonder if they wish the could step into time machine and have a do-over. His latest disappointment came in a 9-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians. Think they’re upset that Jimenez rejected their qualifying offer? Just look at his year thus far as laid out by Then try and erase it from your memory.

Wow. That’s what $50M bought the Orioles.

Let’s go back to the young kids. Remember I mentioned the spark baseball can create in young kids? Well, Chris Davis was doing his share of creating memories. He gave out a lot of souvenirs this week. In fact, he went off on Tuesday night. He gave out 3 keepsakes in one game against the Pirates: