AL East Round Up: Memories Edition

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Welcome to this week’s AL East Round Up!

Major League Baseball Origins Committee and MLB Advanced Media have started quite possibly the coolest collection in baseball history. In fact, it is a collection of baseball history itself. Mark Newman of explains that they are gathering

“Baseball Memory Lab is a repository of those stories that are unforgettable to each individual and worth preserving for future generations. It is the public’s collective statement on baseball’s importance, combined in one place with rich archival research, including baseball’s origins and its growth.”

Fans can go to

and share their memories and stories of baseball and find how baseball has impacted so many others.

Think about it: perhaps there are many kids out there who are getting swept up in the excitement of Canada’s only team being in first place! Maybe there is a young girl who Jose Bautista tossed a ball to at the end of an inning. Maybe a young boy witnessed the drama of Jose Reyes scoring from 2nd on a ground out. Imagine  the excitement and  lifelong passion that has been sparked in these young hearts and minds.

This week will be stuck in my memory as the one where the Blue Jays jumped their way into first place atop the American League East. For weeks I’ve been saying that someone HAS to pull away from the pack in this division. I am thrilled that it looks like it might be the Blue Jays who do it. Let’s take a look at how the toughest division in professional sports played out this week.

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Toronto Blue Jays- 28-22
New York Yankees-25-23 (2GB)
Baltimore Orioles- 24-23 (2.5GB)
Tamp Bay Rays- 22-28 (6GB)
Boston Red Sox- 20-28 (7GB)