Carlos Delgado Joins Blue Jays Level of Excellence

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If you happen to be friends with Doc Brown and have access to his Delorean, you could take a trip back to 1998 and ask a 9-year old me who the best baseball player of all time is, and without hesitation 9-year old me would answer “Carlos Delgado”.

In the years since I have grown to actually understand (at least somewhat) the game of baseball, and know that Delgado most definitely wasn’t the best player in baseball, and probably wasn’t even the best player on his team that season (hello Roger Clemens). To those Blue Jays fans that are too young to remember the “glory years”, Delgado was more than just another ball player.

With Delgado set to take his rightful spot in the Level of Excellence at the Dome this weekend, I mulled over a few different ways to “honour” Carlos here on the pages of Jays Journal, but the only way to fully appreciate of Delgado’s greatness was to remember his greatest moments.

Instead of just listing my favourite Carlos Delgado moments, I decided to ask my fellow contributors here at Jays Journal  to share their favourite memories of number 25 in a Blue Jays uniform.

Do you remember any of these moments? Do you have a favourite memory that we missed? Share your thoughts down in the comments below.

To get things kicked off, I present to you this awesome interview I stumbled upon in my quest to find Carlos Delgado highlights (life before GIFs/Easy to find highlight packs was the worst).

And with that little nugget of gold, I present to you the defining moments and memories of Carlos Delgado as remembered by my fellow Jays Journal contributors.