Carlos Delgado Joins Blue Jays Level of Excellence

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Michael Wray fondly remembers the affirmation of King Carlos’ spot among the best in baseball in 2000.

"Lame as I find it now, my favourite Carlos Delgado moment was probably when he was selected to his first All-Star team in 2000. I was at an age when I still thought that the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby were the coolest things ever but in retrospect being named an All-Star solidified Delgado’s superstar status in Toronto. He had won the Silver Slugger in 1999 but being named to the All-Star team carries a bit more cache, or at least it did for me at the time. I just remembered how excited I was when I read about it in the newspaper (remember those?) as I thought Carlos Delgado was the best baseball player in the world at the time. Looking back now, he probably was."

The race for the Triple Crown is always exciting (even though RBIs are dumb), and Justin Jay reminisces about Delgado’s chase for the crown:

"I think for me, it was the race for the Triple Crown back in 2000 and in 2003.  If it weren’t for two cheaters (Giambi and A-Roid), it’s possible he could have beat out Frank Thomas for the 2000 MVP.  In 2003, he most certainly should have been declared AL MVP because A-Roid had admitted the use of performance enhancing drugs.  His BA was too low to win the Triple Crown, but disregarding A-Roid, he had 2 of the 3 categories.  I’d say that was my favourite.  Those two years of chasing history.  Top 3 Blue Jays of All Time"