When Melky Is The DH


May 15, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Melky Cabrera (53) heads for first base against the San Francisco Giants at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY SportsMelky Cabrera has been playing with sore hamstrings. It’s because of these sore hamstrings that the Toronto Blue Jays are going to have to give him some at bats as the DH to keep him off as feet every now and then.

Melky needing to DH some days will affect other players.

Emilio Bonifacio can play left field. Or Rajai Davis can play left if Melky’s hamstrings are still bothering him when Rajai comes off the DL. You’re going to sweat every time a ball is hit to left field with either of those guys so the Jays are going to have to find a way to manage around that.

The funny thing is giving Melky at bats as a DH creates a problem no one could have saw coming before the start of the season. Where do the Jays play Adam Lind?

You know Adam Lind right? The guy that was horrible for 3 straight years. But somehow has a 411 on base percentage right now. Before the season started if you knew Melky was going to spend some time as DH you wouldn’t hesitate to say just put Lind on the bench.

So with Lind being a productive player where do the Blue Jays put him when Melky DH’s?

Lind has past experience in left field. The key word there is past. Lind hasn’t played left field in many years so the Jays would be taking a big risk putting him there. But like mentioned earlier it’s not like Bonifacio or Rajai are gold glove outfielders.

If the Blue Jays really want to keep Lind in the lineup with Melky as the DH they could get really creative and have Lind play 1st base, put Encarnacion back at his original position 3rd base and hope Lawrie can handle 2nd base for the first time in the big leagues. But that scenario seems extremely unlikely.

Or Melky’s hamstrings could just get back to 100% sooner rather than later so the Blue Jays don’t have to deal with this problem for too long.