All Questions Answered' thread was put up over at Minor League Ball by John Sickel..."/> All Questions Answered' thread was put up over at Minor League Ball by John Sickel..."/>

John Sickels All (Blue Jay) Questions Answered


Another ‘All Questions Answered‘ thread was put up over at Minor League Ball by John Sickels. I’ve pulled out the Jays Q&A’s for you. Not sure where all the Jays fans were that day; the haul is much lighter this week than normal. As a result, I’ve decided to throw in my own answers to the questions.

Aaron Sanchez vs Daniel Norris:

Q: Is Norris more polished than Sanchez was coming out of high-school, Sanchez struggled due to command his first year, despite awesome stuff, and KLaw reported earlier that he looks a lot better this spring. Nevertheless is a familiar fate in store for Norris, or is he a type that you see holding his own in his first year pro?

John Sickels: Well if you compare the reports Norris is probably ahead of where Sanchez was a year ago. But as I mentioned above, reports are often inaccurate for stuff like this. Sideline work and exhibitions and intructs are interesting data points but nothing we can hang a hat on.

Scott Barber: Never seen either pitch. Many people online, including Sickels, seem to be really high on Norris though. (No. 54 on Baseball prospectus top 101 list, No. 91 on Baseball America).

Travis Snider:

Q: Change of scenery challenge trade: Travis Snider for Dominic Brown. Who says no?

Sickels: I think the Phillies would say no on that one. They are very tool oriented.

Barber: Just looking at the stats, I think Toronto says no first. Snider is younger and has more success at the big league level.

Jake Marisnick:

Q: Just drafted Marisnick and I’m pumped. What’s his ETA and what is his peak slash line and HR and SB totals in a peak season.

Sickels: Late 2013 before he gets a trial I think. Upside: .300/.375/.450 type with 20-30 steals a y ear.

Barber: Believe it or not, I actually wrote my projections here before Sickels had put up his. They were very similar:  .300/.375/.475/20 HR/30 SB.

Marcus Knecht:

Q:thanks for the session! plz name 1 less talked about C or C+ high ceiling bat that you think will put it together this year.

Sickels: Marcus Knecht, of, Blue Jays. I think his bat is going to take a big step forward this year.

Barber: Who am I to argue?

Q: Chris Tillman vs. Zach Stewart:

Both guys seem likely to start 2012 in the bullpen despite their youth and decent spring training performances. How much upside and likelihood to be successful starters do each of them still have…will being a non-closing reliever be their new permanent role?

Sickels: Without looking at there most recent pitch f/x stuff. I think Tillman’s ceiling is higher.I always liked Stewart though and at one point rated him very highly, probably more than I should have.

Barber: I think both have a real good shot at being productive starters- though it’ll be closer to the back end of a rotation than the front.


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