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Jays are “going to win and win for a while” – Brian Cashman


Joel Sherman of the New York Post published a very interesting article today. Check it out here.

The article titles “Blue Jays Quietly Becoming Threat to Yankees,” features quotes from Yankee GM Brian Cashman and Alex Rodriguez speaking about the Jays in glowing terms.

“This is not a long-term project anymore,” Cashman said. “They are knocking on the door. It is undeniable that they are going to win and win for a while. They are reaping the benefits of great scouting, patience and doing things right.”

“They aren’t a secret anymore,” A Rod said.

Mark Teixeira added that the Jays have “a lineup without an easy out.”

Sherman compares the Jays to the Rays saying, “imagine what the Rays would look like with the finances to keep all of their best players.”

“Toronto’s owner, Rogers Communication, just might be the majors’ richest ownership. Thus the money is there to take the payroll to places the Rays could never dream about; keep the homegrown elites that ultimately flee Tampa,” Sherman wrote.

Apparently, Alex Anthopoulos “used the Cubs, Red Sox and Angels as examples of teams he thought Toronto could be equivalent to in creating ‘a top third payroll’ once the Jays become serial contenders,” Sherman wrote.

Anthopoulos also noted that the Jays “have a whole country to draw [fans] from.”

It’s certainly nice to here from AA, especially after the “payroll parameters” hysteria during the winter meetings last December. It’s also interesting to hear Cashman, A-Rod and Teixeira talk about the Jays in such a positive manner.

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