10 (more) snapshots from Blue Jays photo day


As a follow-up to the response from yesterday’s Blue Jays photo day pictures, here’s another set, with some lesser-known players that haven’t been shown much since joining the team. From top to bottom: Brett Lawrie, Jim Hoey, Rick VandenHurk, Nelson Figueroa, Robert Coello, Ben Francisco, Brian Butterfield, Carlos Perez, Travis d’Arnaud and Jose Bautista.

Reasons this set could be better than yesterday’s:

– Discovery No. 1: Lawrie has the MLB logo and the date he made his debut tattooed on the inside of his right wrist

– Discovery No. 2: Hoey either doesn’t have his own baseball glove or was borrowing one from Matt Macri, a minor leaguer in the Rockies organization, for his shoot

– Based solely off of his photo, Figueroa seems like a pretty nice guy

– Butterfield’s shot is probably the only professional photo where you’ll see him smiling and looking so happy

– Bautista

– JM

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