Blue Jay Rumours: Monday, January 23rd


Lots of rumours swirling around this Monday evening:

First, the club is reportedly close to signing Brandon Morrow to a three year $20 million contract. This makes sense, seeing as the two sides were only a three hundred thousand dollars apart (3.9-4 mil) before the arbitration deadline last week.

The Jays are also said to be “pursuing” reliever Francisco Cordero. A deal with Cordero seems unlikely to me (remember when the Jays were linked to every other RP on the free agent market earlier this winter).

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Jays are also interested in right handed reliever Koji Uehara.

Lastly, in a complete head scratcher, Omar Vizquel‘s agent told Jerry Crasnick of ESPN that the Jays are closing in on a deal with the ancient infielder. This makes absolutely no sense, Visquel hit .251/.287/.305/-0.5 WAR in 58 G in 2011, and will turn 45 this April.


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