Jays Call Scott Richmond Up, Assign Mike McCoy to AAA


With Jo-Jo Reyes about to face the daunting task of winning the 3rd series in a row to kick off the year for the Blue Jays (I really doubt he can outdo Jered Weaver, but I’m still hoping for a miracle), the club has shored up the pen to give him a hand by calling up RHP Scott Richmond. After a long and weary game yesterday, one I refuse to post about because of a call I just can’t understand and would just rant on and on about, the Jays needed the boost in the pen. It’s more than likely going to be a short-lived call-up for Richmond, but he’s also very close to being guaranteed to see some action in today’s game. If that does happen, it will be his first game action of the 2011 season, so don’t expect a lights out outing!

Sadly for Mike McCoy (.364/.417/.455), he becomes the victim of the long game despite doing a great job thus far as a part-time player. He has 4 hits in 11 ABs and 1 SB, and became more expendable when Jayson Nix came over from Cleveland and played extremely well at multiple positions. With both Rajai Davis and Yunel Escobar now healthy, the combination of Nix and John McDonald on the bench is more than enough to meet the needs of the squad off-the-bench.

The two may be swapped again quickly depending on how many arms from the pen are used in today’s game. With Reyes taking the mound, it could be into mid-week before we see McCoy on the bench once again.

Expect the length of Jered Weaver‘s outing today to decide whether or not the Jays have a real shot at winning this game. If he only goes 6, the Jays could do some real damage against their pen. If he goes longer, it could be lights out for the Jays bats. With Reyes likely to have 4+ runs scored against him, I’ll be very surprised to see the Jays pull this win off without a huge day for the bats.

– MG

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