Game Recap, 1 Apr: Jays Thump Twins in Opener!


Well, talk about making a statement! From the way Ricky Romero took control on the mound to the enormous power the entire lineup showed, the Jays made a statement to all of MLB on Friday night: 2010’s power surge was no surge at all, it was just a sign of thing to come!

Was it just me, or did Adam Lind‘s swing look revamped to be very “Bautista like”? The way he turned on that ball inside and had a slight hop to his swing was like looking at a Bautista in a mirror at the plate since Lind hits from the left side.

Speaking of power, I don’t like to say I told you so after the first game of the season (particularly when the same thing occurred last season only to turn ugly thereafter), but J. P. Arencibia proved that his power is monstrous and will make the Jays a potent team all through the lineup. His HRs were not of the cheap variety either with one going into CF off the tarp in the first deck. You can’t discount the fact that he also hit a triple, giving him 3 extra base hits and 5 RBIs in only 4 ABs! If he really can hit well in the 9th spot in the lineup, the Jays may have the best 7-8-9 guys in the AL with Snider, Rivera, and Arencibia!

The Jays also made good on their claim to want to steal more bases as Yunel Escobar and Rajai Davis stole the first 2 bases of the season.

Ricky Romero threw 60 pitches for strikes and allowed only 7 hits, no walks and only 1 ER over his 6.1 innings. But, to me that was expected. What was comforting in the pitching was that the pen held things together when they took over. Casey Janssen, Jason Frasor and Carlos Villanueva allowed only 1 hit over 2.2 IP.

I’m really hoping that this thumping will bring back many of the 47,000+ who were at the game and will mean an attendance boost at the beginning of the season. With the way the Raptors and the Leafs are playing, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Jays are the best show in town, so if they continue to have success, they’re surely going to draw better than they did in 2010 now that Alex Anthopoulos’s plan is in motion.

I’m looking forward to today’s game and to see how our young stallion, Kyle Drabek, comes out in 2011.

What a way to begin the season. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

– MG

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