Shaun Marcum being shipped to the Brewer..."/> Shaun Marcum being shipped to the Brewer..."/>

Get To Know Brett Lawrie


With the rumors swirling over Blue Jays pitcher Shaun Marcum being shipped to the Brewers in a 1-for-1 trade for Milwaukee Brewers prospect Brett Lawrie, here are three videos to help you learn more about Lawrie and perhaps soften the blow when the Jays formally announce the move (or any changes/other players involved) today after physicals are passed.

Do your best to ignore the less than stellar reporting in the interview segments, and just watch the clips solely for being curious about Brett Lawrie.

This first clip is an American-based interview, with the interesting points being how Lawrie wants to work as hard as he needs to to get to the big leagues faster and where one of his managers talks about his abilities as a quick learner:

(Actually Charlie, Jeter made 56 errors with Greensboro in his A ball season)

Stale reporting aside, this second clip in a Canadian-based interview shows Lawrie answering critics when he had an apparent 1% chance of making Canada’s baseball team in the Beijing Olympics:

In this last video, it’s a look at Lawrie’s swing in BP. The first three cuts are nothing special, but just take a look at his swing on the 4th and 5th pitches…

That should get you by until the Jays formally announce the trade and I get to break it down in an upcoming post, hopefully later today.


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