Jays Jots 11/23: AL MVP, Travis Snider, Jose Bautista

  • With Josh Hamilton winning the American League MVP earlier today, here’s some clarification on which baseball writers from Toronto voted and what order they voted in:

John Lott (National Post) – Hamilton, Cano, Bautista, Cabrera, Crawford, Konerko, Longoria, Beltre, Young, Mauer

Shi Davidi (Canadian Press) – Bautista, Cabrera, Cano, Hamilton, Longoria, Mauer, Konerko, Beltre, Crawford, Young

Jose Bautista finished fourth overall with 165 points, and was the first Blue Jay to crack the top 5 in MVP voting since 2003, when Carlos Delgado finished second to Alex Rodriguez.

Bautista garnered his only first place vote from Shi Davidi, and 3 third place votes, including one from John Lott. Gregor Chisholm did an article today on the offical Jays site about Bautista here.

  • For those who don’t know already, former Blue Jays coach Nick Leyva will officially become the new bench coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates and new manager Clint Hurdle in 2011. This leaves former first base coach Omar Malave and former bullpen coach Rick Langford as the remaining coaches from the 2010 team that have yet to announce a 2011 position.
  • There’s an interesting article on CSN Baltimore about Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos compared to Orioles GM Andy MacPhail
  • The two writers representing Toronto in the American League Cy Young Award vote were Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun and Morgan Campbell of the Toronto Star, and their first place votes were C.C. Sabathia and Felix Hernandez, respectively.
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