Travis Snider Getting Hot at the Plate


Ricky Romero had his first mediocre start of the season but still earned the win against Cleveland due to the effective offensive help he got from the likes of Jose Bautista (.221) who hit his 6th HR of the season, and Travis Snider who is really beginning to look comfortable at the plate. Travis went 3 for 5 on the night, with a couple of doubles, a stolen base, and 2 runs scored. His latest stretch has seen his average climb from .132 to a more respectable .193, including an 8 for 19 run over the last 5 games. With the bottom of the lineup doing so well, the Jays have had little problems scoring runs and have a mini 3-game winning streak as a result.

I heard Cito Gaston on XM’s MLB Radio talking about Travis Snider and how nice it was to see him get hotter at the plate. While he had praise for Travis, he also mentioned just how disappointed he still was that Lyle Overbay was having such a hard time at the plate – just after being asked about Brett Wallace and his hot bat in AAA, who has 9 HRs to go with his .363 OBP. Cito couldn’t say just when Brett will be coming up with the Jays, but I’m starting to get the feeling that the Jays may be getting more and more comfortable with either taking back minimum value from a trade partner and paying most of Lyle’s contract, or with releasing him outright. The Jays have so many alternatives in Randy Ruiz, Brian Dopirak, and Brett Wallace that it really is a no risk move.

What should or would the Jays get in return for Lyle Overbay in the best scenario, which would b ethat he finds his 15-20 HR .270+ form? That’s the new poll now that we have the result fo the Vernon Wells poll which had the majority of fans believing that Vernon will in fact exceed 30 HRs.