Alex Anthopolous Interview on Fan590


Alex Anthopolous was interviewed by Mike Wilner of the Fan590 and got lots of great information from him about both the Adam Lind signing and Adeiny Hechevarria signing.

  • Adam Lind: Alex mentioned two things in the interview that really struck me as important. First, he mentioned the humility that Adam has and how it should keep him very well grounded as he makes more money. My thoughts immediately went to the fact that this humility could also be the reason he signed for what many considered to be a team discount. He also mentioned the fact that many players decided to show up and stand with Adam as the announcement was made. The team aspect that this shows is outstanding. The players realize how big a role Adam plays with the Jays are are ecstatic to have him with them for the long term. This team is very close knit, and once Brett Wallace and Adeiny Hechevarria settle in, it should only get closer.
  • Speaking of Adeiny Hechevarria, the last 30 seconds of the interview had Mike trying to pry information from Alex about the Cuban SS. Alex conceded that “should” international players be signed, the majority of the lengthy portions of the deal would be the visa issues. He said it 3 times. I think we get the hint, Adeiny is having visa issues. Alex does mention the physical, but mostly as a matter of getting that done once visa issues are resolved. I guess it’s a wait and see until the visa issues are taken care of.

Great interview, and I like the fact that Alex seems very concentrated on getting the absolute best 25 guys out there every single time and will add to it during his tenure.