Defining Roster Moves Made by Jays


Rotoworld is reporting that the Jays have sent Jesse Carlson down to AAA, along with SP David Purcey. OF Jeremy Reed, meanwhile, is heading to the minor league camp despite having one of the best springs of all Blue Jays hitters. What does this mean?

  • Merkin Valdez, with no options, will likely be retained as part of the pen to begin the season;
  • My man Mike McCoy will begin the season on the bench, having beaten out a very determined Jeremy Reed;
  • The bench is now set with McCoy, Ruiz, McDonald, and Molina; and
  • The last remaining big question is who will round out the rotation – Dana Eveland, or Brian Tallet. My money is on Eveland, as the Jays already know Tallet is effective in the pen and probably want to limit his innings after the increase he took on last year.

Once the last question is answered, I will come out with my big pre-season preview of what to expect this season as a Blue Jays fan. Rest assured, there’s a ton of good stuff to look forward to.