Call to The Pen: On The Level


I’ve had the pleasure to be asked to become part of the new site run by Fansided named “Call to the Pen“, which will feature 8 writers (1 has yet to establish coverage) who will cover everything from prospects to Saber and Draft info. Something for everyone! It just turned out that I was scheduled to bring out my first post (which will be out every Tuesday) for the On The Level portion of the site on the first ever day the site was operational, so don’t think it will be short on content as it will be coming out daily.

With “On The Level”, I’ll be covering 1 prospect in depth at each level of the minors, from LoA or Rookie to AAA for a total of 4, and will pass along updates on these players as they are warranted. You can catch my first post here, and I hope you enjoy it as it leads off with a nice Toronto Blue Jays Catching Prospect! Hope you enjoy it and become a regular reader of all the columns there, as we have some excellent writers that will definitely keep you on the ball.

Here’s a list of the events in order of when they come out weekly:

Monday:  Justin Klugh “Balls to the Wall”
Tuesday:  Mat Germain “On the Level”
Wednesday:  Brian Phair “Streaking in the Park”
Thursday:  Nathaniel Stoltz “This Week in Prospects”
Friday:  Michael Jong “Saber-Slant”
Saturday:  Ryne Gery “Ryno Report”
Sunday:  Wally Fish “Draft Currents”

The site also features the new format we will all inherit shortly, will be directly linked to our Facebook page dedicate to Call to the Pen, and allows for other direct feeds such as Twitter and Digg.