John Buck is Impressed with Jays Pitching


Jays Columnist Richard Griffin added a nice article about newly acquired Jays catcher John Buck today and I couldn’t help but feel that Buck struck the nail right on the head when he stated the following:

“Even though they’re young, I feel (the starters) complement each other well,” Buck said, “with going right-left, right-left and the different types of righties we’ve got. (Shaun) Marcum moves the ball all over the place, changes speeds. (Brandon) Morrow is pretty aggressive with his fastball, more of a power pitcher. They complement each other well. Then the lefties we have slated in there, you’re not getting the same type pitchers two days in a row. I think it’s a good mix.”

I honestly believe that the talent and potential of the Jays rotation far exceeds what most analysts give them credit for. It’s not hard to understand why when the team lost the best pitcher in its history in the off season, but I think it has led to an under rating of the Jays rotation overall. When teams show up to play the Jays this season they’ll be getting looks at very different pitchers and won’t get much of a chance to get comfortable with how the ball comes at them as a result. That can definitely be a big advantage when hitters can’t see the ball coming at them from the same arm slot or even the same side.

The Jays definitely need any advantage they can get when they face the like of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays as often as they do. Let’s hope that Buck is right and that the Jays have a small advantage in getting the opposing hitters off balance.

Note: The DBacks are apparently looking for pitching depth, had shown interest in Dana Eveland before the Jays acquired him, and could be willing to work out a deal with the Jays. Who would the Jays want in return?