Jays Add 3 High Profile Pro Scouts


Alex Anthopolous is staying true to his word, and in my opinion he has added 3 excellent pro scouts to the Jays scouting department. Sadly, we don’t get to see how much each is being paid – and none of the 3 have stated why they chose to join the Jays – but by all indications these 3 new members of Alex’s arsenal should fit right in with the new direction the club is taking. Here they are:

  1. Ed Lynch: a former Cubs GM from 1994 to 2000, has 33 years in Baseball. Ed will be working for Alex as one of 3 Professional Cross-Checkers, along with Mike Mangan and Gary Rajsich;
  2. Jim Beattie: a former Expos exec and another former GM with 28 years of MLB experience (who knows exactly what scouting can do to a franchise since he watched the exact system Alex wants to put in place produce top-notch prospects for the Expos first hand). He also has experience with the Yankees, Orioles, and Mariners. Jim will be working for Alex as one of 3 MLB scouts, along with Roy Smith and Sal Butera.
  3. Bob Hamelin: spent 5 years as a scout for Washington and played in MLB for 6 seasons (winning the 1994 AL Rookie of the Year honours). Bob will be working for Alex as a professional scout.

Here’s what I do know about these additions – they’re experienced, they’re knowledgeable, and they know a thing or two about talent. Lynch was taken away from the Cubs organization, Beattie was not affiliated to an organization (that I know of), and Hamelin was taken away from the Nationals organization. I think most of us can agree that these guys will help gather the right information for Alex and should provide some much needed experience to the staff in place.

Good stuff Alex, now let’s get cracking as we approach the 2010 draft!!

**I’ve added a scouting page to the tabs above and will update these regularly.