Jays Arbitration and Hotstove.com


The Jays avoided arbitration with Shaun Marcum by agreeing to a 1 year deal worth $850,000, a raise of more than double what he made in 2009 ($405,200). The list of remaining arbitration eligible players include:

  1. Brian Tallet, 2009 salary of $1,015,000
  2. Casey Janssen, 2009 salary of $413,900
  3. Jason Frasor, 2009 salary of $1,450,000
  4. Jeremy Accardo, 2009 salary of $900,000
  5. Shawn Camp, 2009 salary of $750,000

With all expected raises included, once signed, the Jays 2010 Payroll Obligations should sit at approximately $68,000,000 (including the $10,000,000 owed to BJ Ryan, and $6,000,000 sent to Philadelphia along with Doc). If Alex Anthopoulos sticks to his guns, these players will need to sign today in order to avoid arbitration, as he made the deadline known to MLBastien recently.

I was recently asked to complete an interview with hotstove.com and did so Monday afternoon. We covered thoughts about the Jays moves, the job Alex has done, Jays fans and bloggers expectations, and future moves. Check it out when you get a chance! Their home site also has very useful links and a great setup to catch up on all MLB and Jays happenings, so check it out at www.hotstove.com.